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Alternative Health Overview


Alternative Health Overview
Are you tired of being ill and exhausted?


Body Alignment Technique (aligning the mental, emotional and physical bodies)
Qi Gong
Essential Oil Treatments and Raindrop Technique

Pollution, electromagnetic radiation, poor nutrition, emotional and physical stressors all create disharmony in the body, resulting in illness. We investigate and aid in healing through contemporary and alternative non-medical means by addressing some of the core issues that create disease and illness. Our bodies have an innate intelligence that, when tapped, spurs a healing process (often without chemical or medical intervention).

The body remembers stresses such as:

  • Emotional or physical traumas
  • Environmental toxins
  • Nutritional imbalances, etc.

These stressors cause a disharmony leading to breakdown and disease, including allergies.
In alternative therapies, the functions of all organs are integrated so healing can occur

Consider Alternative Health for your health challenges.

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