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glamour-portraitElectrolysis is the only proven method of permanent and safe hair removal for all hair and skin types.

Three Electrolysis Techniques

Short-wave (Thermolysis):
The use of high frequency current (radio waves) to produce heat to destroy the hair root area. Hot and rapid, this technique is used for finer hairs.

Galvanic (Electrolysis):
The original form of permanent hair removal. A low, safe level of DC current is used to create a chemical breakdown of the lining of the hair follicle. Slow and effective, this technique is used for coarse, stubborn hair.

A combination of the two techniques listed above. Faster than Galvanic, this technique is very effective for sensitive skin and problem hairs such as curly or coarse hair.


Electrolysis is completely safe when performed by a certified professional using hygienic practices.
Recommended by the medical profession.

Duration of treatments depend on the volume of hair to be treated, coarseness or curliness of hair, sensitivity of the skin and individual sensitivity to discomfort.

Vascular Blemish Removal:

  • Skin Tags
  • Spider veins
  • Blood moles

Marilyn Hirsekorn is a Registered Electrologist (R.E.) with The Association of Professional Electrologists of British Columbia, the only sanctioned organization for professional electrologists in B.C. ensuring an established standard for safe, effective treatment.