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Elegant Touch Studio is a professional, peaceful, and contemporary studio located in a quiet rural setting. Your body, mind and feelings are pampered in a private and caring environment. Wellness and effective treatments are our priority.​

Electrolysis and alternative health services that I provide include:



Permanent hair removal, spider veins, skin tags and moles.


Essential Oils

High quality essential oils can awaken the body in the most unexpected way.


Australian Bush Remedies

Beneficial healing essences from Australia.


Body Alignment Technique

Helping improve the energy flow within the body to help unlock it's ability to heal and recover.

Bowen and NST

A method of helping the muscles respond after injury, stress, etc.

Qi Gong

A traditional Chinese method of improving the flow of Qi energy.


German New Medicine

GNM helps us understand the emotions behind health problems.



Every visit includes a smile at no extra charge.

Marilyn Hirsekorn is a Certified Member of: The Association of Professional Electrolysits of British Columbia and The Federation of Canadian Electrolysis Associations.

Electrolysis Free Consultation

Call for your free consultation. I provide you with a free 15 minute consultation to see how your skin responds.

Electrolysis is completely safe when performed by a certified professional, such as myself, and when using hygienic practices.

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Permanent Hair Removal

Electrolysis is the only proven method of permanent and safe hair removal for all hair and skin types.

Short–Wave: Thermolysis

The use of high frequency current (radio waves) to produce heat to destroy the hair root area. Hot and rapid, this technique is used for finer hairs.

Galvanic: Electrolysis

The original form of permanent hair removal. A low, safe level of DC current is used to create a chemical breakdown of the lining of the hair follicle. Slow and effective, this technique is used for coarse, stubborn hair.

Blend: Thermolysis & Electrolysis

A combination of the two techniques listed above. Faster than Galvanic, this technique is very effective for sensitive skin and problem hairs such as curly or coarse hair.

Areas That Can be Treated




    Upper lip







    Bikini line

    Lower Legs

Duration of treatments depend on the volume of hair to be treated, coarseness or curliness of hair, sensitivity of the skin and individual sensitivity to discomfort.

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Vascular Blemish Removal

Medically known as telangiectasia, this procedure uses high frequency radio waves and direct current to eliminate small, enlarged capillaries that lie just beneath the upper skin surface.

Spider Veins

A branched cluster of small capillaries at the skin surface. They may resemble a spider in appearance. Sometimes called “broken capillaries”. They are often found on face, nose and legs.

Skin Tags

Flesh coloured growths (small flaps of skin) that occur most often on the neck, underarms and eyelids.

Blood Moles

Small red spots anywhere on the skin. May be flat or raised.

Please Note

A doctor's note is required for hair removal from moles.

Duration of treatments:

    Reasonably quick results for facial spider veins and skin tags

    Minimal applications for blood moles

    Variable time for leg spider veins.

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Alternative Health

Holistic health and healing has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Here are a list of services I provide:

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